About me, Zoe Golightly

Hi. My name is Zoe Golightly. I live in Los Angeles. I was born in Brisbane, Australia.

I heard the call of Spirit when I was around 19 years old. At this time I started studying with the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness – MSIA and began my spiritual exercises (meditation) practice as a way to deal with drug addiction, an eating disorder, and the affects of dealing with my Mum’s death and battle with cancer.


Very quickly I began to awaken to the reality of my life as a spiritual being, rather than a human simply undergoing negative or positive experiences, to no end or without meaning. I began to understand that the adversity in my life was given to me to strengthen, and to grow. To very purposefully assist me in learning how to love – how to love unconditionally – how to love myself, my world and all things.

It can be easy to love people that are being kind, or situations that work out in your favor. What is not so easy is to love people attacking you or situations that appear to be disastrous or tragic.

However through my study with John-Roger and MSIA I began to learn and experience that absolutely every person, situation, event and occurrence throughout our lives is given to me in great love, purpose and value.

I do not always succeed, but it is my intention, in all ways, always, to love everything in front of me, everything inside of me, and absolutely everything around me.

Ordained Minister

I was ordained as a Minister in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness in 2004, after studying and practicing within MSIA for 5 years.


Doctor of Spiritual Science

I moved to Los Angeles to work for MSIA, but also to take the Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosphy‘s Masters and Doctorate Programs in Spiritual Science.

It is through this coursework and this platform of self-directed discovery and spiritual evolution, that I derive most of my insight and continued learning and curiosity from. If you are looking for a more intimate connection with Spirit, yourself, or with a life you truly love, take this program.

I graduated with my Doctorate in 2011, with my practical treatise titled “Loving God – Serving the Spirit and Living in Joy”. To read more about my work and experience in the Doctorate Program and to read my complete practical treatise – click here


Masters in Spiritual Psychology

I truly believe that while ever we are alive, we have so much to learn about ourselves, so much to learn about love and how to truly master and live greater lives of unconditional loving.

However completely content with my current spiritual studies, I was not seeking another degree, or another two years of intensive homework and academic commitment … yet it was a returned experience of bulimia that nudged me to enroll in University of Santa Monica’s Masters in Spiritual Psychology program.

And it was these two years of intensively, intimately and with a thoroughness that I could not have comprehended prior – that I came into peace with my childhood and prior conditioning. I was able to not only see the patterns in my life – including bulimia, an attraction to men that weren’t good for me, general feelings of abandonment and rejection – and so many more :) … but to find and use the great love that each and every experience and situation has for me. To find and take advantage of the purpose of absolutely every single moment in my life.

More than gaining strength, wisdom and an ability to accurately see and manage how my emotional and mental paradigms create my life – I stepped into a greater consciousness of the reality of the spiritual psyche of this planet – which is simply that every single thing on this planet is designed to guide, assist and support us into greater beings of unconditional loving.

I graduated from USM in 2013. To read more about this incredible program – click here


PR Specialist

I currently work for Dr. John-Roger and MSIA, helping to share the teachings of Soul Transcendence with the world.

To read more about my background and work in PR – click here


Film Production | Film Publicity

Film is such a profound consciousness changer. In today’s age I don’t think we are yet aware of how truly powerful the medium of film is. I have had the privilege of working on a few feature films alongside Producer / Writer team Dr. John-Roger and Dr. Jsu GarciaSpiritual Warriors, The Wayshower, and the long awaited critically acclaimed Mystical Traveler – The Life and Times of Dr. John-Roger.


I feel profoundly blessed to be so in love with what I do. I feel perhaps the most blessed and completely honored to work so closely with Dr. John-Roger. And all my family on staff at MSIA.

I think I created this site, and started to share about my life and my experiences mostly to share about the profound transformation that living within a spiritual context, and working closely with a spiritual teacher and spiritual teachings has been for me. This is my true joy: sharing, connecting and talking openly about the greater life we all lead as Souls … not just as humans.

I love connecting with lovers of the Light from all walks, from all faiths, from all disciplines. As far as I’m concerned it’s all love, it’s all Light, it’s all one God. So I do invite you to connect with me if you feel moved. And I hope you get something out of what I share here on my site.


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