From Joren Vandervoort in Amsterdam
It’s so easy to have life go by without really noticing it, without really living it.
My sessions with Zoe have been openings into what I would call a new profound awareness. Her openness pulls me into the present moment, into awareness, even if she wouldn’t say anything; her acceptance and sharp analysis help me understand and appreciate myself better, and to really let go of some old patterns, including panic attacks I hadn’t been able to let go of until working with Zoe.

From Rocio Doyle in Los Angeles
Working with Zoe was an experience that truly helped build foundational aspects for my business to continue growing. Her approach helped my business get to a level I could not have achieved without Zoe. Her marketing background coupled with her genuine desire for me to live doing what I love was so refreshing and inspiring.

From Simon Torres in Los Angeles
Working with Zoe was an amazing profound experience, where I got to have great realizations and experience deep healing and clearing. She had a great ability to perceive what was really going with all the stuff I was sharing with her. She was able to help me get to the truth under the stories I was sharing. I was amazed at how in such a short time I was able to go inside of myself through so many levels of consciousness with Zoe’s guidance, where I got some very profound realizations and levels of awareness that were very valuable for me.

From Louise Davidson in Sydney
I found my work with Zoe really special. I am deeply grateful for her loving compassionate manner, her deep understanding and profound perception. From just my first session with Zoe I felt lots of things shifting, and have been able to do a lot of letting go of what’s not working in my life.

You were born with wings,
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I have turned much suffering and adversity in my life into great beauty, strength and joy.

These daily practices, in my experience, are
simple and profound.

What is not always easy, is doing it alone.

What I love most is One-on-One Coaching
The feedback I have received so far is that my ability to help clients find the unconscious blocks that are in their way is a special and profound gift. If you know you want to move forward but haven’t been able to do so on your own, I’d love to find out if we’re a fit.

Qualifications Do Matter
I have two Masters in Spiritual Psychology and a Doctor in Spiritual Science. I have also studied Clinical Psychology, and have a diverse business background and Bachelor of Business.
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I Am Here For This Reason
I know that I been given a life of adversity, and a profound intuitive awareness, to serve and support people to get free of the unconscious illusions holding them back. I am honored to do this work.
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