Hi.   My name is Zoe Lumiere.   Creator of goLightly Coaching.

I know that I been given a life of adversity, and a profound intuitive awareness, to serve and support people to get free of the unconscious illusions holding them back.

I am honored to do this work, and am grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.

Spiritual Science

In 2010 I graduated with my Doctorate in Spiritual Science. My research gave birth to this work.

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Spiritual Psychology

I have studied both Clinical Psychology and Spiritual Psychology, and apply my own unique approach.

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I work with individuals and small business, taking meaningful purposes to market.

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My Story

Sharing my life and my awakening has become a healing tool for myself and others.

 My Story      Story Telling

While I am proud of my academic and career achievements I am most proud of the discipline and profound loving I give to myself in my own day to day life.

This is why I do this work. Because I know that what we do every day counts.

My simple practices for feeling and healing, and for seeing and co-creating, are the backbone of my life, and I share them weekly for free.
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What People Are Saying
About Zoë Lumiere & Golightly Coaching

My time with Zoe truly changed my life. I came to her when I was caught in the midst of a binge-eating cycle that was consuming all of my time and energy. I had tapped all of my current resources to try to solve this “problem”. I had no where else to turn and knew that I needed support during this time. I had no idea the healing that Spirit had in store for me!

We worked with the different aspects of me each week. I was very fearful at the beginning, dreading a session because I didn’t know what would be uncovered. Now I finally understand the phrase “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself”, as what we uncovered was always more pleasant than I was expecting! I started to look forward to working through what was present each week, and it became a great joy because each session brought me closer to God.

I’ve also started to witness the miraculous healing of the relationship between me and my mom, and for that I am so grateful.

She’s a true gift from God and I’m so grateful for the experience I had with her.

JACLYN WEBB | Santa Monica

Working with Zoe was an experience that truly helped me lay the foundation for my business, and realize the growth I hoped for.

ROCIO DOYLE | Los Angeles

In just one call with Zoe, I felt immense shifts!
She has a way of creating such a powerful space for inner exploration and transformation – Masterfully pinpointing energetic and psychological patterns that aren’t in alignment with the deeper truth.

ANONYMOUS | Los Angeles

Zoe has helped me more than 10 years of shrinks and psychologists. Within 3 weeks I stopped experiencing the panic attacks that I had been plagued with my whole life. She’s really got something that is so far beyond what I’ve experienced with traditional methodologies.

My sessions with Zoe have been openings into what I would call a new profound awareness. Her openness pulls me into the present moment, into awareness, even if she wouldn’t say anything; her acceptance and sharp analysis help me understand and appreciate myself better, and to really let go of some old patterns, including the panic attacks I hadn’t been able to let go of until working with Zoe.


It’s hard to put into words all the healing that’s taken place since our last session. I have wanted to write you about this several times as the awareness was so present — however my gratitude is so immense it didn’t seem to fit into words.

I know that if you look into my eyes however you will see the transformation and feel the vibration. Thank you so much for your deep healing support.


The Allowing Love Program is amazing. I am so grateful.
Today I had a profound experience in my meditation. My higher self, said to me “your marriage will surpass your wildest dreams”.
It felt very expansive.
Thank you Zoe!!

LUCIA DOYNEL | Los Angeles

I am so grateful for the profound work with my coach Zoe.

While we were looking at old patterns once again with Zoe I was getting new insights what caused them. Each session came with such depth and awareness and healing.

My life has changed so much and I’m so grateful.

ANN VON HELAND | Stockholm

Working with Zoe was an amazing profound experience, where I got to have great realizations and experience deep healing and clearing.

She had a great ability to perceive what was really going with all the stuff I was sharing with her.

She was able to help me get to the truth under the stories I was sharing. I was amazed at how in such a short time I was able to go inside of myself through so many levels of consciousness with Zoe’s guidance, where I got some very profound realizations and levels of awareness that were very valuable for me.

SIMON TORRES | Los Angeles

I highly, highly recommend working with her to anyone who wants to pave the way internally for the manifestation of great love.

I’m ecstatic to say that this work has opened the door to a relationship, with a man whom I hope to marry. But, and this is surprising, the love I’ve really found is my own. There is no pricetag for this. My life has changed for the better.


Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you,
spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.



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