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Highest Purpose Coaching

Learn how to align your business with your Highest Purpose* – Start creating from the power you are.

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Your Brand | Your Story

Define and align your brand and your message with your Highest Purpose* – Learn how to share your story.

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Marketing Qualifications

I graduated from the University of Queensland in Business, Marketing and PR.


Marketing Experience

A diverse background of MultiNational Corporate Players and Powerful NonProfit Organizations.


What would it take for you to…

Let go of the
Thoughts & Distractions in Your Mind ...

So that you can give yourself just
Minutes Every Day ...

To prioritize the
Moving Pieces in your Life ...

So You Can Start Living Your
Highest Purpose*

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Your Brand | Your Story

Public Narrative

In my time working with Ignite Good I learned the methodology used by Obama to win the 2008 Presidential Election – Public Narrative developed by Michael Ganz. This ability to connect authentically with others through common purpose and story, is a key technology used across content marketing and brand building.

The Vulnerability to Be Me

I have created a community around me of fans and supporters with my courage to be honest and authentic in my sharing online.

It’s not just about sharing the highs, it’s about sharing it all. If you want to connect with people, you need to be a person.

Getting Clear with your Highest Purpose

I loved working for other people, and helping other organizations bring their dreams to fruition.

And gradually over the last few years I began to awaken to the clear Highest Purpose within directing me to do this work – to share my own awakening with others.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.


Digital Marketing

Creating an Audience

My background and specialization has been in building public awareness of events and causes. I have created audiences for films and events across Europe and the United States. I have also created nation wide advertising campaigns for launching new brands.

The Right Platforms

I have built and maintained strong digital presence for both profit and non-profit organizations, using facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and youtube, meetup and eventbrite.

The Power of Your List

In 1997 your direct mail list was your organization’s life blood. And today your email list is now King. I specialize in creating strategies for valuable content marketing through a well defined client relationship management system.

. . . talent is like electricity.
We don’t understand electricity.
We use it.


Marketing Experience


I was fortunate to start my career in an organization deeply driving by one man’s Highest Purpose*Stephen R. Covey.

Working with this MultiNational in their Australian Head Office gave me my foundation in marketing strategy and execution with a focus on the creative marketing process, advertising and client relationship management, anchored in authentic sharing and service.


I was first lured into Executive Recruitment by the lure of a fat pay check. And I’m profoundly grateful for the experience of making a lot of money, because I now have my own reference point for what money brings and what is does not.

I worked for the Canadian Head Office of this Global Leader in Executive Recruitment, based out of Toronto. In this role I proved that genuine authentic connection matters and I credit my people skills to my success.


After working only with large marketing budgets, my experience as the Director of Communications for this small Non-Profit has diversified my marketing experience greatly, and taught me to adapt to the world of low to no marketing budgets, and truly given me the skills to take advantage of this online age.

Working for MSIA has also given me the joy of knowing work that is truly led by service, and the exampleship of a man truly led by Spirit, John-Roger.

People are in such a hurry to launch their product or business that they seldom look at marketing from a bird’s eye view and they don’t create a systematic plan.


Marketing Services

Highest Purpose Coaching – including marketing strategy coaching
I currently work with clients either One-on-One or in Advanced goLightly 33 Day Coaching Programs.

Marketing Consulting | Web Design
I love consulting and design but I have limited time available for it. Therefore, I am very selective and also charge high fees. But if you think you could benefit from my marketing support contact me.

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