How I Learnt to Kiss a Man Sober

I didn’t tell anyone I had been sexually abused as a seven year old, until I was 23. And I didn’t start grieving, feeling and letting go of the abuse until i was 33. I … Read More

talking to God

[I felt inspired and excited to go to the farmers market at Larchmont this morning. I was tired and relaxed with what today would hold for me, and after chatting with God after I woke … Read More

upgrading my addictions to God

So I’ve been journaling daily recently with the aim of ‘Upgrading My Addictions to God’. Tonight after dinner, after I’d finished and was full, clearly not physically hungry anymore, I wanted to keep eating, and … Read More

the adventure in the routine

As you all know I love to juice. I created this combo this morning and had to blog about it. 1/2 small watermelon. 2 lemons. 4 oz ginger. yes that’s a lot of ginger. Makes … Read More

the day my Doctor told me I may have cancer …

We already do a good job of imagining our way to illness. If this process of life is here for us to learn and grow and we can enter into illness, we can reverse the process and enter into health because the path doesn’t go one way, it stays open. If we feel like we’re stepping out of the Light, we can step right back into it again and go on and keep lifting up into the higher consciousness.

having more energy

One of my biggest shifts recently has been from eating for calories, or eating for wanting to be skinny, or maybe eating for taste, or for escape, or for trying to control at least something … Read More

green tea

I got hooked on green tea when I lived in Japan. of course. And it did take me a while to not only get used to the taste but to actually be able to say yes I enjoy drinking this. But it did happen, and now I absolutely love it.

anyone else waking up tired?

‘When you don’t have sufficient energy and you’re too tired, look at what you’ve started and what you haven’t completed. Every one of those projects demands a level of energy.’

this so completely applies to me right now, and is the perfect reminder for me. when i get into busy phases with work and life, i tend to think i don’t have enough time to complete what i’m doing – and i’m continually moving onto the next thing to do! do! do!.