Allowing Love™ is a program of 5 steps
that are designed to engage you deeply to your Soul led dreams.

In just 10 minutes a day,
begin to allow what you want the most,
into your life.

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Ask And Awaken.
Ask for what you Want.
Awaken your Intuition.

Let Love In.
Meditation of Receiving.
Start Loving Now.

Line Up with Love.
Manageable Steps That Matter.
Visualize Your Dream.

Own It, Forgive and Heal It.
Friend Your Fear.
Embrace Imbalance.

With Heart Wide Open.
Share Your Heart.
Share Your Truth.

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Let's Do This!!!

Step 1   |   The Power of Asking

Choose one of the experiences below and practice it daily.

He turns not back who is bound to a star.


The first step is to ask.
Ask that your Soul Contracts™ be made clear to you.
Not from ego, but from and for the highest good of all concerned.
It is this asking that awakens us into who we are — as connected to the infinite supply of all things — to Source — to the Light.

#AskForTheLight   Experiences for fueling your day with purpose and power

First Things First

It’s so critical what we fill our consciousness with Love: with Light, every morning.
Learn how to acknowledge and awaken to your greatest potential by inviting the Light to guide, surround and protect your day.

 Click Here to Experience First Things First

A Light Visualization

The power of our imagination — the images we hold in our mind — has been proven to cure dis-ease, and win gold medals.
See the Light fueling, creating your day as perfectly as you can imagine.

 Click Here to Experience A Light Visualization

Calling In The Light

Our attitude is continually contributing to what we attract, create and allow.
Let go of what’s not working, and learn how to let the Light clear your consciousness.
Whenever you need it.
Like magic.

 Click Here to Experience Calling in the Light

#AskForWhatYouWant   Experiences for Becoming Aware of What You Truly Want

Your Inner Drivers

Find the key inner experiences that drive you, and motivate your desires, your achievements, your fears.
Embrace your inner drivers and unlock your Life Force in powerful ways.

 Click Here to Experience Your Inner Drivers

Dream Communication

A simple and powerful practice of asking for clarity and guidance for your life, through the dreamstate.
Write your answers down each morning, to strengthen the communication channel.

 Click Here to Experience Dream Communication

Every Day, Every Way

Each morning, write down what dreams, what wishes, what prayers come present as you write.
We let go of knowing how, knowing the ways our dreams are delivered.

 Click Here to Experience Every Day, Every Way

#AwakenYourIntuition   Experiences for Aligning Your Dreams With Your Inner Knowing

Your Inner Guide

You have a direct connection to divine knowing, to your intuition.
Allow it to come clear and conscious by using the vehicle of an Inner Guide.

 Click Here to Experience Your Inner Guide

Inner Dialogue

One of the best ways to get to know someone, or something, is to chat!
This powerful practice of dialoguing with your inner guide, will change your world.

 Click Here to Experience Inner Dialogue

1 Big Possibility

Need some help expanding into the dream possibilities you are aware of?
Tackle this practice and start leaning into your Soul Contract.

 Click Here to Experience 1 Big Possibility

Step 2   |   The Power of Receiving

Choose one of the experiences below and practice it daily.

You ‘get’ there, by realizing you are there already.


The second step is to learn to receive.
Experience 2 practices help us allow our Soul Contracts™ more fully into our awareness.
They also allow us to simply receive the power of the Light – to live in THIS moment – has opened the door to an experience of bliss, joy, love and intimacy.
In inwardly receiving what we want, we also learn how to attract, create and allow what you want more of.

#ReceiveYourIntuition   Experiences for receiving clear inner knowing

Receiving Direction for Today

Stop living on autopilot, disconnected to your intuition.
Learn to take the time to go within, and receive your highest direction.

 Click Here to Experience Receiving Direction for Today

Receiving Your Dream

What’s the experience you’re looking for? Why is your dream so important?
Learn to receive your dream inwardly and watch it show up.

 Click Here to Experience Receiving Your Dream

Receiving In Stillness

Learn to sit in stillness,
in silence.
Embrace and harness the power of the invisible … and let your answers be known.

 Click Here to Experience Receiving In Stillness

#MeditationOfReceiving   Experiences for Receiving In The Stillness

Inner Driver Meditation

Use the key inner experiences that you want more of in life, and learn how to bring them forward from inside of yourself.
Beyond the physical world, learn to receive your joy and peace from within.

 Click Here to Experience Inner Driver Meditation

Ani Hu Meditation

Use ancient sanskrit tone for attuning to your highest power within.
This active form of meditation is excellent for beginners, and helps to release the mind and emotions.

 Click Here to Experience the Ani Hu Meditation

Stillness Meditation

Each morning, write down what dreams, what wishes, what prayers come present as you write.
We let go of knowing how, knowing the ways our dreams are delivered.

 Click Here to Experience Stillness Meditation

#TheVibrationOfGratitude   Experiences for Receiving the Greatness of Your Life

Pretend Joy Meditation

Each person has their own vibration and their own unique access to happiness. How do you know if you’re happy? What makes you happy?
This meditation is designed to reveal and awaken our inherent happiness.

 Click Here to Experience the Pretend Joy Meditation

Grateful Recharge

One of the most widely used spiritual practices that has received mainstream appreciation — but don’t be fooled by how cliche it now may seem.
Feeling low – refuel with gratitude.

 Click Here to Experience Grateful Recharge

I am Enough

Learn how to review the day and to release any upset, imbalance or negative effect.
Using the power of affirmations, and the Light, allow today to be enough. Deeply receive and know that you are enough.

 Click Here to Experience I am Enough

Step 3   |   Decisions, Visions, Actions

Choose one of the experiences below and practice it daily.

Once you make a decision
the Universe conspires to make it happen.


Now move on what matters most. Every. Day.
Experience 3 practices allow us to begin to make the decisions, create the visions, and move on what we see and know is our future expanding us forward.
Learning how to consciously choose in alignment with our Soul Contracts™, helps us let go of our ego push, and to naturally realize our Heartfelt Dreams.

#SoulDecisions   Experiences for Allowing Our Soul Contracts to Guide Our Way

Your Soul Contract Dream

How do we know if what we want — if the dream we’re aware of is for our highest good?
Learn how to distinguish your heart, from your head, from your fear.

 Click Here to Experience Your Soul Contract Dream

Make Your Dream Soul Driven

By using the clear voice of your heart, receive the clear information and guidance for how your dream expands you into more of who you truly are.
Use your dream to evolve and expand on all levels.

 Click Here to Make Your Dream Soul Driven

Make Your Dream Specific

Using both your head and your heart, how can you ground your dream into physical world reality so that you can support yourself in moving forward.
Learn how to make your dream measurable and specific.

 Click Here to Make Your Dream Specific

#ManageableStepsThatMatter   Moving Toward What You Love. Every. Day.

1 Thing. Every Day.

More than moving toward what you want, it’s so important to stay engaged, alive and connected to your dream.
This practice is simple, but life-changing.

 Click Here to Experience 1 Thing. Every Day.

LightPosts for your Dream

Create clear, specific guidelines that measure your movement towards your dream.
LightPosts also help you keep connected to your heartfelt purpose.

 Click Here to Create Your LightPosts

Your RoadMap

A very practical method for defining values for your LightPosts over the period of a year.
Create your roadmap for realizing your dream, both inwardly and outwardly.

 Click Here to Create Your RoadMap

#VisualizeYourDream   Image-In Your Dreams

5 Year Ideal Scene

Put flesh, blood and bones on your dream. This process helps your dream come alive both as an inner and outer reality.

 Click Here to Experience Your 5 Year Ideal Scene

Soul Affirmations

Influencing the natural mental environment we live in is important for staying committed.

 Click Here to Experience Your Soul Affirmation

A Living Vision

A detailed manifestation technique that uses present tense statements for breathing life into your Heartfelt Dream.

 Click Here to Experience A Living Vision

Step 4   |   The Technology of Forgiveness

Choose one of the experiences below and practice it weekly.

Too many of us are not living our dreams
because we are living our fears.


Turn your unconscious blocks into the building blocks for your dreams.
The technology of forgiveness will revolutionize your life. It is the most powerful healing modality I know of on the planet.
Learn how to use every past experience as guided by your Soul Contracts™, to move forward to what you truly want this life.

#FriendYourFear   Experiences for Understanding and Rerouting Fear

Dreams with Fire

If you’re not afraid of your Heartfelt Dream it’s not big enough. But fear is not here to stop — it’s here to fuel and ignite us.

 Click Here to Experience Dreams with Fire

Giving Fear A Voice

Learning to understand the true desire and drive within fear helps us to use the energy for slowing down when we need, and staying on course.

 Click Here to Experience Giving Fear a Voice

An Indispensable Ally

Using our new understanding of fear and it’s purpose in our lives, to create a reliable system for supporting us when we are challenged.

 Click Here to Experience An Indispensable Ally

#EmbraceImbalance   Transform Unconscious Blocks Into Your Dream’s Building Blocks

Accept, Welcome, Embrace

Learning how to be where you are, to accept, welcome and embrace how you feel in the present moment is the first step.

 Click Here to Experience Accept, Welcome, Embrace

Give Your Feelings A Voice

Giving your feelings a voice is a powerful part of releasing your unconscious blocks. This practice takes time, but is worth it.

 Click Here to Experience Giving Your Feelings A Voice

The Soul Purpose of Feeling

Discover the Soul purpose — also the sole purpose of your feelings.
Learn to receive them, and heal them, in a new Light.

 Click Here to Experience The Soul Purpose of Feeling

#ForgiveAndHeal   Experiences for Forgiveness and Deep Healing

The Silver Lining

Uncovering our challenges as the blessings they are, takes time, and a powerful technology.
Learn how to receive your life as it is intended.

 Click Here to Experience The Silver Lining


We forgive in order to be free. We forgive for ourselves.
In this practice you will learn the Self-Forgiveness method that works for you, the one that unlocks your healing.

 Click Here to Experience Self-Forgiveness

The For-Ness of Life

Life is NOT always fair.
But it is always FOR us.
FORgiveness helps us to awaken into the reality of the Soul Contracts within our experiences.

 Click Here to Experience The For-Ness of Life

Step 5   |   Share Your Light

Choose one of the experiences below and practice it weekly.

The miracle is this:
the more we share the more we have.


The final, capstone experience, is to share, to serve, to give.
At the heart of each of our Soul Contracts™ is service and loving for all mankind.
When we share who we are, how we feel and what we love: we lift and serve others.
Using the unique gifts and situations we have to not only help us live our dreams, but also have been given to us to inspire those around us.

#ShareYourHeart   Sharing Your Vulnerability And Your Gifts

A Share Partner

Get yourself a Share Partner. Someone that is also expanding and moving towards their Soul Contract’s Heartfelt Dream.

 Click Here to Find Your Share Partner

Share When You Need Help

Learn how to ask for when you need help.
It builds the strength and courage you need to move on your dreams.

 Click Here to Experience Sharing When You Need Help

Share When You Need Praise

We all need positive feedback! Embrace that part inside that wants to share our wins, and our gifts.
Allow your Soul to shine.

 Click Here to Learn It’s Not What You Do

#ShareYourTruth   Experiences for Claiming and Sharing Your Purpose

How Does Your Work Serve

If what you do comes from you heart, and is what you love, it is also a form of service.
Realizing the impact your work has on others, is motivating and empowering.

 Click Here to Experience How Your Work Serves

Be Bold. Be Authentic.

Sharing online is a powerful way to practice courage in sharing our truth.
This practice isn’t for everyone, but is powerful for those taking their purpose to market.

 Click Here to Experience Being Bold and Authentic

It’s Not What You Do

It’s not what you say.
But how you say it.
And it’s not what you do.
But how you do it.
Let your loving shine through whatever work or dream you have.

 Click Here to Experience The Love That You Do

#GiveBack   Expand Into The Highest Consciousness: Service

An Experience of Service

Scientists have proven that our health is impacted by the service and kindness we participate in.
If you want to experience greater joy and love this life, and realize your dreams with greater ease, just try this out.

 Click Here to Experience Service

A Prayer of Service

This is my spiritual teacher John-Roger’s Prayer of Service. For a year or more of my life I started each day with this prayer and my heartfelt surrender to serve and love unconditionally.
It changed my life.

 Click Here to Experience A Prayer of Service

Giving Back To Your Roots

Taking the time to deeply connect to the foundation of our life, our family, and our success — and extending our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation — helps to connect us into a consciousness of service.

 Click Here to Experience Giving Back to Your Roots

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What I love about the Allowing Love Program, though I’m focusing on business, I find that it applies simultaneously to relationships, health, home, etc.

Your program made it so simple and easy for me to do this naturally – it seemed daunting before, but that was because I wasn’t clear. I had doubts, would mistrust my vision, so it seemed harder to manage the simplest of tasks, even if I wasn’t busy.

Now, I’m super busy with lots of energy and I love it! Your program helped me find the clarity, be open and trust in taking the steps I received from my inner guidance.
That is priceless.


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