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About Zoë

Dad left at 3, I was sexually abused at 7, and Mum died at 14. I developed a deep fear of intimacy, and an irrational fear of abandonment. These unconscious blocks kept me safe from hurt and rejection and also kept me single for 35 years …

Zoe’s Story

Zoë’s Qualifications

Zoe received her Doctorate in Spiritual Science in 2010, and her Masters in Spiritual Psychology in 2013, and a further advanced certification in Consciousness, Health & Healing in 2016 …

Zoe’s Qualifications

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My time with Zoe truly changed my life. I came to her when I was caught in the midst of a binge-eating cycle that was consuming all of my time and energy …

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Zoe has helped me more than 10 years of shrinks and psychologists. Within 3 weeks I stopped experiencing the panic attacks …

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Working with Zoe was an experience that truly helped me lay the foundation for my business, and realize the growth I hoped for …

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My gratitude is so immense it didn’t seem to fit into words …

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Group Coaching

Explore my group coaching options, from 3-hour events in Los Angeles or Online, through to intensive 6-month group coaching programs.

Group Coaching

To be yourself in a world
that is constantly trying to make you something else
is the greatest accomplishment.


I offer complimentary sessions as a way to allow new clients into my life, and also in service to the community.

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