Daily Support*

Email coaching for 14 days. Detailed practices for revealing your Highest Purpose.

RoadMap Your Dreams

Uncover your Driving Force and use it to create a clear actionable Road Map to your Dreams.

Make This Life Count

Get above your daily life to plan and prioritize the movement towards what truly matters.

Develop Your Intuition*

Detailed practices for connecting to your intuition; anchoring each day more in your own inner knowing.

An Online System That Works

  •   Learn how to connect to your Inner Power
  •   Reveal and RoadMap your 1 Big Dream
  •   Your coaching session arrives via email every morning
  •   Easy-To-Use Interface for access on mobile, tablet & desktop
  •   Review your progress throughout the day

Need Help Moving On Your Dreams?

This 14 Day Program is Designed for:

  • Connect to your Inner Drivers
  • Cocreate a powerful Visualization
  • Cocreate an Ideal Scene
  • Cocreate a RoadMap with Monthly Milestones
  • Learn how to increase your intuition
  • Cocreate your own unique daily practice

Looking for More Meaning?

This Program Is Designed For Those:

  •   Looking To Make a Meaningful Impact
  •   Wanting to Cocreate a New Relationship
  •   Looking for More Purposeful Work
  •   Wanting help with a Major Life Change
  •   Wanting to Live More Consciously
  •   Need Help Getting a Business off the Ground

Ordained Minister in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness
Workshop and Retreat Facilitator for Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy

I am a flawed, imperfect, vulnerable,
courageous, bubbly, bold, sweet,
human being,
awakening into who I truly am.
Share the journey with me.

Once you make a decision,
the universe conspires to make it happen.

Ralph Waldo Emerson