Overcome Your Fear and Embrace Your Intuition

We have an intuitive voice in us. We are born intuitive. We are so intuitive, that when we ignore it, it becomes our greatest suffering. CAROLINE MYSS I know what following my intuition feels like … And the bliss in my life because of it. And I know what ignoring my intuition feels like, and the suffering that follows. For many years, I drank a lot to escape the suffering … Read More

Tired or uninspired? Learn how to feel amazing. Every. Day.

I used to wake up feeling tired and so uninspired … that I needed to make coffee before I went to bed and I would leave it on my bedside table, so first thing, I would lean over and drink cold coffee to get me out of bed, and into my day. Despite the fact that old, cold coffee doesn’t taste great … living this way also doesn’t feel great. … Read More

I didn’t have sex for over 6 years.

I didn’t have sex for over 6 years. Long time right? And I am so grateful that it was more important to me, to be with someone that was the real deal, that had the willingness and ability to be ‘All in’ … rather than to settle. I see it all around me. And I see them all around me … Single, successful, spiritual women Single, successful, spiritual women … … Read More

How do you feel about Fairy Tale Marriage?

Fairy tale marriage is a real trigger for some people And so I want to talk a little about the illusion, and the reality, of fairy tale marriage. I come across advice online, from time to time, encouraging women to let go of the myth, the expectation, the illusion of fairytale marriage. And I get it right. And I agree. Here on this physical plane of existence — that’s not … Read More

I Really Want a Baby … But it’s Easier and Safer to Avoid Disappointment

I Do Really Want a Baby … But I’m not doing anything about it because I don’t want to be disappointed. Saying it out loud hits me like a brick. But it’s been pretty unconscious until recently. I have been doing what I used to do when I was single, but too afraid to really want a relationship: “Oh it’s in God’s hands … if it’s for the highest good I … Read More

Am I crazy, codependent, or is it just my period?

I’ve had one of those days. The ones where I thought it must be about 7 days before my period, until I looked at my iPeriod app and realized nope … it’s still another 17 days. Eric has been in Amsterdam for the last few days, and so I’ve been in London on my own. And while I have been busy with coaching clients and catching up on a couple … Read More

Marriage or Career? Which one do you choose?

Marriage or Career? Which one do you choose? A happy, fulfilling, nurturing and supportive marriage? Or a successful, fulfilling and expansive career? Or … can we have it all? Can we have both? I believe we can. And I have experienced that we can. I am aware of a new spiritual era of marriage — where we can truly and profoundly have both — but we need to let go of … Read More

Feel Your Feelings and Live Longer

This week has been an emotional week for me. I rescued two orphaned baby squirrels: Harry and Harriett. I fed them every couple of hours, and watched them come alive in my arms. After only two days they were nuzzling into me, their proud new Squirrel Mama. Is it really better to have loved and lost … ?! Giving Harry and Harriett to a professional squirrel rehabber was inevitable. As inevitable … Read More

How Do I Know If I’m Blocked From Love, Intimacy, or Marriage?

How Do I Know If I’m Blocked From Love, Intimacy, or Marriage? I hear this a lot. I offer this simple guide to find out if there are unconscious blocks that still hold a charge, resistance and are actively keeping you from allowing love into your life. Uncovering Unconscious Blocks: A Guide To Inner Resistance Bring forward the most challenging experience in your life. The ones that has brought you … Read More

$50K a Month Doesn’t Guarantee Happiness … But Maybe This Does?!

I used to work toward getting what I wanted like my niece Billie works toward getting more sugar: by forcing, pushing and a whole lot of manipulation. It’s effective when you’re two and the most adorable girl on the planet ;) And it can be an effective approach for adults also, right? But creating by forcing, pushing and controlling can come with unwanted side-effects. I speak from experience. I actually … Read More

How losing my voice made me louder

How losing my voice made me louder Last week, I came back to LA after a month in Australia visiting family and friends. I was looking forward to ramping up my coaching practice as soon as I got home. Life seemed to have other plans. My first morning back in LA, I woke up with a sore throat, then felt terrible, then came down with the flu. And to make … Read More

How to make the highest decisions, for your heartfelt dreams

I was the one that asked my long time friend Eric … ‘Do you ever think about us?’ … as we drove to Yogurtland one night. Gratefully, he knew exactly what I meant, and said ‘Yes’. A few months later we were talking about marriage. And 7 months later we were married. I can’t tell you where I got the courage to come out with that, but I do know it’s because of the … Read More

How Easy Is Your Life? And How Hard Are You Making It?

Being in Kauai for the last week has been incredible. And a little challenging. I worked hard in 2016. Working a full time job with significant responsibility, multiple coaching clients, a few marketing clients … not to mention working with my own coach, completing the third year of my Masters in spiritual psychology, building my own website, and marketing my own practice. And more than just working hard, I met … Read More

How behaving like a small child with my husband gets me everything I want

I have anxiety sometimes … I have moments where I’m so afraid to fail it’s overwhelming. I was at the movies last Saturday night when anxiety hit me in the gut and I started worrying about my coaching practice. As soon as we got home I let Eric, my husband, know that we needed to talk. You see, I used to ignore or numb the feelings that I didn’t want … Read More

You’ve got to put your love on the line

At age 35 I had an epiphany: I wanted to get married. It’s not like I didn’t like boys until 35. Quite the opposite. Perhaps I liked them too much. Or perhaps I liked them just the right amount but was afraid of them, and afraid of rejection. For years I felt alone in this irrational and seemingly ridiculous fear of rejection. It was crippling. Well evidently … I was … Read More

Does wanting or needing something too much, push it away?

It’s so easy to get ‘too’ attached to the physical results of life. And to block what we want with our ‘attachment’. So much of what we do is motivated by getting something. We work and do things — to have money. We are loving & kind — to have love and sweetness in life. We exercise and eat well — to have health and vitality. And if you’re aware … Read More

How to Forgive? A Step by Step Guide

Forgiveness. It’s such a nice intention. But how does one really do it? And more than sounding like a good idea, there is now scientific evidence and human controlled experimental trials proving the healing benefits of forgiveness. A study conducted by Florida State University, University at Georgia and University at Stony Brook on Forgiveness and Conflict Resolution in Marriage found: That a husband’s ability to forgive predicts better conflict resolution and marital satisfaction. A study … Read More

Healing the Disease to Please

Want Deep Profound Intuition? Want to Really Know What You’re Doing This Life? I just completed my second Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology – an advanced year focused on ‘Consciousness, Health & Healing’ – and the practice I’m about to share with you was born in one of the courses called ‘The Healing Consciousness’. For 9 months we built a program to answer the following question: If you could deeply and completely … Read More

What To Do When Your Doctor Tells You, You Need a Boyfriend …

I was celibate for 5 years. Working for my spiritual teacher John-Roger. Completely devoted to my purpose of spiritual evolution and married to my meditation practice. I did not enjoy people asking me: Are you dating? Where’s your boyfriend? When are you getting Married? I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but they were pushing on a deep heartfelt yearning, that I was too afraid to address. It was … Read More

I Hear Voices … And I’m Ok With That … Just Tell Me Which Ones To Follow

Eric and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary last week. And there is some part of me that doesn’t want to share about it. It’s a familiar feeling or voice that fears others will judge me, and not love me. It feels worried that others will misunderstand me and judge me as inauthentic, as needy, as boastful. And yet I am sharing about my marriage ANYWAY. Because I know the … Read More