How Easy Is Your Life? And How Hard Are You Making It?

Being in Kauai for the last week has been incredible. And a little challenging. I worked hard in 2016. Working a full time job with significant responsibility, multiple coaching clients, a few marketing clients … not to mention working with my own coach, completing the third year of my Masters in spiritual psychology, building my own website, and marketing my own practice. And more than just working hard, I met … Read More

talking to God

[I felt inspired and excited to go to the farmers market at Larchmont this morning. I was tired and relaxed with what today would hold for me, and after chatting with God after I woke up, I was blessed and inspired by the sweet serendipities that blessed my morning. From getting a park (which during the Larchmont farmers market is indeed miraculous), to the busker at the market playing my … Read More

Complete what you start if you want more energy

If I ever needed encouragement to take the trash out of my car this is it.  I walked past this car this afternoon.  That’s right this isn’t for a movie, and it’s not a prank.  This was just on the side of the road. I have been more mindful recently about completing each day. For me this means simply putting everything away from the day, so that when I wake … Read More

so what do you want?

So If I claim to know that this kind of joy; the true and real kind of joy; the joy that comes from within, comes from our Soul; exists. Then why is it that I find myself wallowing around in sadness, hurt feelings, frustration and seeking joy from this external world – still?

breathing for clearing

so i did my 3 grace breaths and had one of my more magical experiences with it. it felt like there were these dramatic cold shivers – energy releasing from my body – except i wasn’t cold, but actually a little warm. and i feel awake and great now. feel clear, Light, and peaceful.

instant ipod inspiration

i kinda thought i was the only one that had this magical healing relationship with music, but it seems that we all do. oh that’s right, we’re all one. gotta remember that.

dancing in the streets

dancing in the streets tip #5 – it’s my car and i’ll dance if i want to
and lastly i was just kinda happy about my ability to be enthusiastic, child-like, and really choose to enjoy myself – because that is my choice. and that is always my choice.

Free-Form Writing

free form writing is a tool used to clear unconscious blocks, and as we release these unconscious inner disturbances we can experience amazing shifts: in breaking bad habits, in clearing obsessive behaviors, or in letting go of thoughts or feelings that we don’t want but that seem to follow us around like bad smells :) often it will feel like a great relief or a sense that a great weight has been lifted.