Tired or uninspired? Learn how to feel amazing. Every. Day.

I used to wake up feeling tired and so uninspired … that I needed to make coffee before I went to bed and I would leave it on my bedside table, so first thing, I would lean over and drink cold coffee to get me out of bed, and into my day. Despite the fact that old, cold coffee doesn’t taste great … living this way also doesn’t feel great. … Read More

Easter Week

What is the true meaning of Easter? I’m not religious, however I am spiritual. I use Easter as a time of new birth, new beginnings, of resurrection inside of myself. How can you embrace the energy that’s available on the planet during Easter – because that is profoundly my experience – that there is a Universal shift in energy during Easter that’s available for new beginnings and for profound transformation. … Read More

the games we play

I have been working with a technique that I initially called Claiming God Consciousness, which was the basis for my research and individual study for the DSS Program Thesis I wrote a couple of years ago. It’s a technique that I use to bring myself either from a lack of balance, to a more balanced loving place inside. Or if I’m unaware or unclear of an answer I seek, I … Read More

talking to God

[I felt inspired and excited to go to the farmers market at Larchmont this morning. I was tired and relaxed with what today would hold for me, and after chatting with God after I woke up, I was blessed and inspired by the sweet serendipities that blessed my morning. From getting a park (which during the Larchmont farmers market is indeed miraculous), to the busker at the market playing my … Read More

I’m lost and I want to come home

Thoughts for this Friday night … in between doing my best to get my inbox to zero, watching Mad Men season one and eating yogurt with frozen raspberries … I feel like I’m close to finding something. Some new way of being that works for me that can help me out of this rut. Like I’m lost but I know home’s gonna be around the next corner. Like it’s raining … Read More

my wayshower

A quote from my Wayshower John-Roger … “All along, there was growing within me a longing for Light and for love and for the manifestation of God in some form that I could identify and relate to. My prayer became, “Lord, you can have the whole thing. I just want to know who you are.” That prayer was being answered all along, though I did not yet realize it. I … Read More

cocreation experiment #1

and then i thought what a perfect experiment to really test and practice being a powerful creator – a cocreator with Spirit – and to really see that if i just hold a great, abundant attitude to this situation – and line up with the guidance and direction i’m getting from Spirit, from within – that it will all be handled easily and perfectly.

i smile at strangers

I am so aware of the power of smiling. And you know it’s almost like it’s a lost secret or something, because there haven’t been too many folks that have smiled at me since I started the gym … so tonight I started smiling at a few random strangers in my kickboxing class, for no reason, but just to share my lovely self with them and connect in some way … and the outcome was just, well, it was just really lovely, it brought me joy, and a feeling of oneness, peacefulness and did i mention joy … ?! I felt more connected, both with the group and with myself, and with what I was doing, with my purpose and joy for being there. Was really just a neat experience.

spiritual protection

Now God – what’s next? Give me your inspiration, guidance for this event … and then I listen … and then I write down the direction / intention / idea etc that I receive

gold … pure gold

I find wealth and beauty to be interrelated. If one finds beauty in something, there is a feeling of fullness and expansion. I have experienced this even more so when beauty is found in the ordinary and unassuming.

The comparisons we make with others, and the resultant lack, allow us to too easily slip into playing the victim, so I have thought a lot about how true beauty and true wealth cannot possibly depend on the circumstances of our lives–having money, property, physical attractiveness, etc.

emergency Light

Hey dear ones, I have been reminded recently to start using my ‘Emergency Light List’ again. I started creating this list a few years ago – I keep it on my Palm Treo – so wherever I am if I’m in need of clearing, loving, inspiring, lifting – I can randomly choose something from this list to see if that helps … Here’s a sample from my list … and … Read More

belonging longing

For me I sometimes feel challenged by wanting to belong, wanting to be part of the group – and these words helped me so much. Helped me see that while I’m busy trying to belong to others, to something, to someone else – the only place I truly and completely belong … is with myself.

if every day were Easter Sunday …

So if I’m not feeling great, or need some help coming into that place or consciousness within that is just simply loving, Light, and joy … i often use this idea and think, completely fill myself on all levels with the energy and act of loving for someone i truly and unconditionally love.

how do you know what's next?

at first it felt stupid. and with practice, just doing it again and again it has started to feel more comfortable and i’m starting to discover my own ways and my own truths with what works for me in getting my own answers for me and my life.

good friday

this is a tough ask, to turn the other cheek, but i’m claiming that i’m up to the challenge. with enough love, anything is possible.

organically grown

what if the Spirit / Universe is looking for, just waiting for people to give great, amazing ideas to – perhaps people that are already grateful and love what they do, are helping others just because they can, and pay attention to what the Spirit is bringing forward, so they can also line up and then run with the gifts, the blessings that life is bringing forward?