How to Forgive? A Step by Step Guide

Forgiveness. It’s such a nice intention. But how does one really do it? And more than sounding like a good idea, there is now scientific evidence and human controlled experimental trials proving the healing benefits of forgiveness. A study conducted by Florida State University, University at Georgia and University at Stony Brook on Forgiveness and Conflict Resolution in Marriage found: That a husband’s ability to forgive predicts better conflict resolution and marital satisfaction. A study … Read More

we are all one

I’ve told this to people many times, and what it feels like to me, is that something gracefully, magically came in and simply cleaned out so much of the hurt, the pain, the karma relating to that part of my life, to my relationship with my Mum.

green tea

I got hooked on green tea when I lived in Japan. of course. And it did take me a while to not only get used to the taste but to actually be able to say yes I enjoy drinking this. But it did happen, and now I absolutely love it.

it's a beautiful day

i know what love, life and family is, in a very intimate and special way.
i know i am strong, successful and can overcome seriously challenging and painful situations.
i know that all love, joy and peace must come from within, because if it can be taken away – it was never TRULY there to begin with. and it sounds harsh i know, but having the love and security of my Mum taken away – gave me the chance to get the love and security from myself – the love and protection from a deeper, higher, divine source.

do you think you're beautiful?

as you can tell sharing intimate details about my life is now not something i shy away from – perhaps it’s because of my experiences of many years being unable to share or express my feelings, or my inner process. i know what my life was like when i was unable to share my truth and my true self with other people. and I now know my life as a sharing, open, vulnerable and truly beautiful young woman.

it's all good mate, it's all good

i don’t think any of us can fully comprehend or really understand what this truly means – i mean to look at all the challenging, even devastating things that happen in life, it’s quite a jump sometimes to be able to line up with ‘oh yeah this is good for me. i get the higher purpose here’.