I have manifested all of the goals we set forth to accomplish including finding the love of my life.
My heart is free to love again.
Working with Zoe was the best decision I ever made!
Alayna | St. Louis MO

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From Pushing ‘It’ Uphill … To Relaxing and Allowing Love

I know what it feels like to be continually pushing, driving, and working so hard to make shit happen.

This approach brought me corporate success. I made $50K in my final month as an executive financial headhunter, before having my first breakdown spiritual breakthrough.

And my need to control and achieve, also kept me single until I was 35 … until I did the emotional healing work that allowed my beautiful husband into my life … and my dream career.

 About Dr. Zoë Lumiere And Her Approach

I learnt how to be more of the Love that I am, and less of who I was conditioned to be.Dr. Zoë Lumiere

“Zoe has helped me more than 10 years of shrinks and psychologists combined. Within 3 weeks I stopped experiencing the panic attacks that I had been holding me back from being present and enjoying my life.”

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I’m a Coach, a Wife, and a Writer.
And I believe in Love with a Capital L.

As a coach I help women find love, but I’m not just talking about ‘romantic love’.

While this emotional healing work did help me allow my husband into my life … it also allowed and supported me in creating my own business, and tripling my income in 9 months.

And many of my clients have since found love, both in relationship, AND in career.

I also help men too. The ones that are strong enough to be vulnerable and emotional.

I work One-on-One, in Groups, and Online.

“An incredible new man worked into my life … this is such a manifestation of your working Allowing Love.”
ANN PARKES | Los Angeles

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“Zoe is a profound gift to humanity and a very skilled coach.”
– Julie Civiello Polier, Santa Monica

“Zoe is simply an amazing coach … her work has been lifesaving for me.”
– Klara Koradin, Amsterdam

“Zoe is a master at working with people and assisting them in letting go of the blocks and limitations that no longer serve them.”
– Eric Lumiere, Yep he’s my husband

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“Working with Zoe was an amazing profound experience, where I got to have great realizations and experience deep healing and clearing. I was amazed at how in such a short time I was able to make changes and go through so many levels of healing.”
SIMON TORRES | Los Angeles

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Qualifications Do Matter
I have two Masters in Spiritual Psychology and a Doctor in Spiritual Science. I have also studied Clinical Psychology, and I now specialize in Gestalt Therapy, NLP, and Humanistic Client-Centered Therapy.

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I Am Here For This Reason
I know that I been given a life of adversity, and a profound intuitive awareness, to serve and support people to get free of the unconscious illusions holding them back. I am honored to do this work.

 I Share My Life With You

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I love to share my experiences, both past and present to serve as references points for my clients and community.
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One-on-One Programs

I work with one-on-one clients for a minimum of 6 months.
If you’d like a free session to explore if we are a fit, schedule a session here.

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There is only one way to know if something works — and that is through experience.

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Group Coaching
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I share this work because it has changed my life profoundly.

I love working with groups because of the possibility that increases through group commitment and group support.

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I have turned much suffering and adversity in my life into great beauty, strength and joy.

These daily practices, in my experience, are
simple and profound.

What is not always easy, is doing it alone.