“Zoe has helped me more than 10 years of shrinks and psychologists combined. Within 3 weeks I stopped experiencing the panic attacks that I had been holding me back from being present and enjoying my life.”

A Unique Process for Allowing Your Heartfelt Dreams

While I believe there is some value found in only ‘defining what you want, creating an action plan, and supporting you to get there’ … I find this approach can be very limited and too easily driven by the ego.

My approach is to use your heartfelt dreams, not only to co-create the future, but also to clear the unconscious invisible blocks holding one to the past,
so that we naturally and effortlessly step into the heartfelt dreams you have been given.

I call this process Allowing Your Soul Contracts™

“I am so grateful for the profound work with my coach Zoe … my life has changed so much and I’m so grateful.”
ANN VON HELAND | Stockholm

I believe our past unlocks the future,
and the future releases us from the past …
and all is available only in this present moment.

 Our past is pushing on us to heal, strengthen and grow.
As soon as we stop ignoring our feelings, doubts and fears — and learn to be present with them — we can begin to use them to heal the pain of the past and they naturally guide us to our dreams.

 And our future is pulling us into our Soul Contracts™ — our Heartfelt Dreams.
When we commit to our dreams — the misbeliefs and limiting patterns from our past surface naturally in the present moment — so we can begin to forgive and let go of what’s been holding us back.

 We start in the present moment.
Only by living in the present moment can we be come aware of our feelings in order to release the past.
And it’s only truly becoming present with our Soul, do we receive the intuition to easily allow our Dreams.

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“Working with Zoe was an amazing profound experience, where I got to have great realizations and experience deep healing and clearing. I was amazed at how in such a short time I was able to make changes and go through so many levels of healing.”
SIMON TORRES | Los Angeles

I Work Intuitively with the Following Programs

I use an indepth process of aligning with Soul Contracts™, that has emerged through 11 years of study in my Doctorate of Spiritual Science, and Masters of Spiritual Psychology, and hundreds of client experiences.

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Group Programs

Whether you’re wanting to get married, heal something painful, or fulfill your heartfelt dream, this intimate group experience will support you in creating what you want.

My next online program is 6 classes over 11 weeks, beginning March 1st.

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One-on-One Programs

I work with one-on-one clients for a minimum of 6 months. If you’d like a free session to explore if we are a fit, schedule a session here.

My areas of specialization are allowing marriage, healing eating ‘misfunction’, and releasing anxiety.

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But How Does This Work?

There is only one way to know if something works — and that is through experience.

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I have turned much suffering and adversity in my life into great beauty, strength and joy.

These daily practices, in my experience, are
simple and profound.

What is not always easy, is doing it alone.

Qualifications Do Matter
I have two Masters in Spiritual Psychology and a Doctor in Spiritual Science. I have also studied Clinical Psychology, and have a diverse business background and Bachelor of Business.
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I Am Here For This Reason
I know that I been given a life of adversity, and a profound intuitive awareness, to serve and support people to get free of the unconscious illusions holding them back. I am honored to do this work.
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