Zoe Golightly and John-Roger, Booksigning event in Cornwall, England, September 2010

Zoe Golightly and John-Roger, Booksigning event in Cornwall, England, September 2010

John-Roger is my friend, my boss, my spiritual teacher and my Mystical Traveler. I have been studying with J-R consciously since 1995, working closely with him her in Los Angeles and traveling the world with his events and screenings since 2006, and we have been friends for eons.

John-Roger is a NY Times #1 bestselling author, a renowned spiritual teacher and internationally recognized public speaker, and for lack of a better word, a guru.

I was not looking for a spiritual path, a spiritual teacher, let alone a guru. However after my mum died and I was in the throes of bulimia and hard drug addiction, I was definitely looking for something. And that’s when I found J-R, or perhaps when J-R found me.

There are no words that can illustrate who or what John-Roger is or exactly or perhaps even vaguely what he does. If you are meant to work with him you will. And if not, you will not.

From John-Roger’s own words, from some of his more than 55 publications, and some highlights from the over 6,000 seminars he has given over the years, here’s a little about J-R:

By John-Roger, DSS

Chapter Two
Spirit Is A Process Of Now

Many realms of beingness exist simultaneously. Most people are readily aware of the physical realm and can identify it most easily. It is very evident: you have a physical body and are existing on this physical realm. There are other levels of which you may or may not be aware. Above the physical is the astral, which equates with the imaginative-emotive process within you. The “boogey men,” the fears and the fantasies that you create have form and substance in the astral realm. The causal realm equates with your feelings and emotion, with the level of your feelings. The mental realm equates to the process of your mind. The etheric realm equates to your unconscious processes. And, the Soul realm equates to the Soul, which is your beingness. The Soul is your truest reality. All lower levels are illusionary and transient.

The lower realms (etheric, mental, causal, astral, physical) are all created. They are complete. You are simply awakening to that creation in more complete and total ways all the time. Creation in the higher realms is active, dynamic, ongoing, in the process of becoming. Creation in the lower worlds appears to be ongoing because the process of awakening to it is ongoing and will be for a long, long time. But in about thirteen to fifteen billion years, the lower levels of creation as we now know them will be pulled back into God, and this that now exists will become void.

There are many opportunities to reach into your knowingness and discover that which is, thereby releasing yourself from the cycle of reincarnation and freeing yourself to move consciously into the higher realms and become part of the ongoing process of creation. You are at the threshold of your knowingness; now it’s just a matter of moving into that knowingness. You are at the threshold of beingness; it’s your choice when to move into that. You may stay on the threshold for many, many years. Or you may move into your knowingness right now. It’s difficult to make that step into knowingness, into beingness, unless you are willing to commit totally to yourself, to the Soul that is YOU. And it is difficult to commit to that discovery if you split your energies into various pursuits and paths.

Those who are into the process of self-discovery, of Soul discovery, find that experiences on the various realms of Light become as real as physical realm experiences. As you come to trust your own experience level of realms different than the physical, you begin to experience the transcendence of the Soul.

The Soul extends into the lower realms in order to experience the totality of God. Its purpose is, in essence, to experience. For the evolution of the Soul, experiences do not need to be repeated because the purpose of each experience is fulfilled with the completion of that experience. When you begin to work with the Mystical Traveler Consciousness, you often find your progression greatly speeded up. You may find yourself moving through many experiences and just letting them go as they complete themselves. There is less and less need to hang onto the old, more and more excitement with discovering what’s next.

If you attempt to move back into an experience of yesterday, even if that experience was pleasurable, you may find it gone. And if you persist in your attempt to recapture that, you experience frustration and, very often, pain and confusion. Many people encounter great difficulty in attempting to live somewhere other than now. Difficulty comes if people remember the past and the sweetness of it and then try to make it work for today. Difficulty also comes if people project out into the future and try to make it happen in a particular, preconceived way, or if they look forward in fear to what might occur. If you cut out the apprehension of the future and the memories of the past you are experiencing present. If you forget to remember, you can be here now.

Spirit is the a process of now. Spirit only exists now. If you try to attach to the past or the future, you get stuck and may feel the absence of Spirit, because it cannot exist for you outside of now. That process of attachment to past or future can become a fixation within your consciousness.

If you experience a disappointment through some experience, that disappointment exists at the moment of its happening and is valid in that moment. But if you hang on to it and let it affect the next moment–and the next, and the next –? it becomes a fixation and starts controlling you. Let it go and move into now. Nothing exists, in actuality, before or after the moment it happens. If you have a fight with your loved one and he or she says something that hurts you, the hurt exists in that moment and is valid in that moment. If you let those words color everything else from that moment on, the incident has become a fixation and will beat you up like you can’t believe. Let each moment go as it happens. That’s the road to freedom.

You can only break a fixation when it’s present. Maybe you smoke cigarettes and would like to stop. You can’t break the fixation of smoking when you don’t feel the urge to smoke. The time to break the smoking habit is not after you’ve had a cigarette and are feeling balanced and happy. The best time to break the smoking habit is when you want that next cigarette. You can break the habit when you pick up the cigarette and start to light it. That’s the time to throw it away. If you light it, you give in and are still controlled by your fixation. This same process applies to any fixation, whether it’s drinking, over-eating, lust, or whatever.

You stop fixations of the past by not entering into reverie and memory of the past. You stop fixations of the future by not moving into fantasy and wishful thinking about what’s coming up. You live now, entirely present and participating in each moment of your life, and your life just unfolds to you in the way that is right and proper for you. You find yourself experiencing happiness as you experience the spiritual flow that is present every moment.

One way to come into the moment is to move into meditation or prayer and hold your consciousness very, very steady. That enables you to move past the dominion of your fixations into freedom. Your prayer might be just counting to one hundred. If you are doing that as a tool to hold your mind and attention steady, it can work for you. If you tune inward to your Self as you count, you may discover many levels with yourself where you can break through many fixations.

One of the most difficult fixations is the expectation of what other people should do for you. It’s called judging; sometimes it’s called prejudice or pre-judging. If you burn your hand on the stove and hate all stoves from that point on, that’s prejudice. Silly? Yes, but people apply that same logic to interpersonal relationships. The process is just as invalid, regardless of what it’s applied to. If you enter into an evaluation of the situation, you may decide that putting your hand on the stove allows it to get burned. It doesn’t make the stove “bad” or “against you.” It’s just an evaluation of what is, and you can work with that. That’s easy. If you move into fear, expectation or fixation, you’re going to have some difficulty.

Living here and now is freedom. Spirit will never give you anything you can’t handle. So you can be assured that you will always be able to handle what is. You do that by staying present in the moment and just moving through each experience as it appears. Those of you who work with the Mystical Traveler consciousness know that I go through these things with you. You are never alone. You are perfectly protected at all times. And as you become more aware and trusting of that process, life can become very joyful.

Lifting Beyond “Problems”

It is possible for you to lift out of your present level of consciousness into other, higher levels of consciousness. This can be challenging, though, if you have not considered the possibility before. Often you must have a key given to you, a door pointed out, a keyhole or a doorknob brought to your attention. Then it is up to you to take action. If you don’t do anything, then you sit with the keys, the information, the knowledge and the where-with-all to change your life. But nothing will happen unless you do it. Let’s look at the factor of “not doing” for a moment.

You may often find yourself making decisions by default. This is when you won’t make a decision “for” or “against” and then find a decision forced upon you from outside of yourself. You may not be too happy about that type of decision, but if you will not take action, action will be forced upon you. Too often you become hesitant about making a wrong decision–if any decision can be called “wrong.” In reality, there are no wrong decisions. Through all my experience of working with people in both this level and other levels of consciousness, I have found that there is no wrong decision except as people label it “wrong.”

After you have decided on something, you can look at that decision, that movement or direction, as a lesson, simply a lesson, a problem-solving technique. If it solves the problem, then you are content with the decision. If it does not, you make another decision. Whichever way your decision leads you, it is a positive action because it promotes direction and forward movement.

When you can’t see your way out of a problem, when you can’t see a direction, when you can’t make a decision, that’s when you may feel “boxed in” or at the mercy of the circumstances. And, this brings in frustration and a feeling of incapablility. A lot of people get stuck in this and label it an “inferiority complex.” One man said to me, “I have an inferiority complex.” I said, “Maybe it isn’t a complex!” He looked at that idea for a while and said, “Maybe it’s not.” I said, “Is it possible that in that particular area, you are inferior?” He thought about that and said, “Yes, I believe I am.” I said, “Then why don’t you work in an area where you are not inferior?” He worked through that for awhile and decided that he would be better suited to another area. He moved to the new area and experienced much greater success. Then he worked on the weak area in his spare time until it was stronger also. In other words, he accurately evaluated where his strengths were, utilized his strengths to their fullest potential, and worked on the weak areas to build them into strengths that could also be used to enhance his expression.

Too many times the “problem” is allowing a situation to come to you on the level of your weakness and then declaring it too much for you to handle. Then it represents a problem. It’s only a problem as far as you see it that way; someone else may look at it and perceive the solution immediately. Many times what you are looking at as a problem isn’t a problem at all, but an expression. When you perceive it as an expression and see that there are many alternative ways to express, you have a way to move through it and change it to another expression.

If you look at life as being a ladder, you can visualize each “problem” as a rung in that ladder. If you take away the problem, you may take away your potential growth. You learn from your experiences, and often you learn more from your negative experiences than your positive experiences. Those experiences that hit at you and shake you are often most effective areas of learning.

You all know the good times you’ve had. Look at all the time you’ve wasted trying to have a good time. And what did you really accomplish? Didn’t the good times appear spontaneously? Didn’t they just appear in the course of your living? You moved through them very fluidly and joyfully. How about the bad times? Can’t you almost remember who said what to whom and what the whole situation was about? Can’t you feel the hurt and the turmoil in your stomach? Yes, because you may be learning and remembering more through the negative process. But if you can use that negative process as a stepping-stone, then has it really been negative? You have turned it into a positive action. You surmount negativity by standing on the things that appear to be negative and using them to lift you higher. The “problem” is still there;’ you just shift your consciousness in relation to it and start rising above it and discovering that YOU are greater than any “problem” and that YOU have the keys to solve all “problems.”

As soon as you realize that there is an answer to every problem, it becomes easier to find the answer. Sometimes the answer is to do nothing, to hold steady, to make the decision not to move. A lot of times people get caught up in the need for action. They say, “I have to do something about this!” If asked why, they might say, “Because I just have to!” And that’s not necessarily a good answer. You might ask, “What if you do this?” They say, “That won’t work.” You say, “Okay, what if you do this?” They say, “That won’t work either.” So you say, “What if you just hold still?” Maybe they’re a little more receptive to that idea now. So they hold still, and that stillness allows the solution to come into their mind. They see their direction and are on their way. Then they say, “Thank God I didn’t do anything rash. It’s a good thing I didn’t make up my mind impetuously.”

Sometimes “decision by default” can be a good approach, and most of the time, because you are a directive force and energy in motion, it’s best to have conscious, directed movement. It is your building action. It is your growth. As soon as you have declared an intent one way or the other, you put your energy into that decision. Then if it does not feel clear, you can reverse your decision and direct the energy another way. If you don’t direct yourself, if you spend your time on a “tightrope,” you usually end up frustrated. It’s often necessary to make a movement. In such a situation, any decision you make, any direction you move, can be for your highest good, no matter what it is. The important thing is that you can move forward, move up, and in that process of moving, you develop many self-correcting devices. You can constantly evaluate and change your direction, your movement, your decisions. One decision does not lock you in. And as you keep moving, nothing can stop you from moving your consciousness into higher and higher levels of awareness.

(Courtesy of John-Roger, The Way Out Book, Published by Mandeville Press, 1986

By John-Roger, DSS


“This is a book about love – the love that brought you here and the love that you are. It is about seeing through the eyes of the Soul, which see only love. It is about joy and using everything in your life for your upliftment, growth, and learning – because everything in your life is designed for that. It is all designed for you, personally, in the deepest and most profound way possible. And when you truly know that, you will live in freedom and the fulfillment of your spiritual promise.”

There are three tenets we use in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA), and they are the foundation for this book and for everything I teach:
1. Out of God come all things.
2. God loves all of Its creation.
3. Not one Soul will be lost.

Let’s briefly look at them.

Out of God come all things.

Spiritually, the same flow of energy that is going through you is going through me and through others. This is why Jesus said that “when you have done it to the least one of these, you have done it to me” (Matthew 25:40). Because all things come out of God, if we become prejudiced against one, we have become prejudiced against the awakening of our own consciousness of love.

God loves all of Its creation.

In the Bible, it says that after God created the world and human beings, He saw that it was very good. That means God loves it. God is maintaining us here and has also given us the ability to build and change according to our own will.

Not one Soul will be lost.

The Soul is the energy of God manifesting in the physical body. Since out of God come all things, God cannot lose Itself. People cannot lose their Soul, for how can anyone lose something that is immortal and that has always existed?

In MSIA, there are certain things that we keep in mind as we go through life, and they are our guidelines:
1. Don’t hurt yourself and don’t hurt others.
2. Take care of yourself so you can help take care of others.
3. Use everything for your upliftment, growth, and learning.

We also believe that God as Christ dwells within each person as a spirit and that we have to treat people in relationship to that spirit, which we discern as being a loving force. We feel that our job, then, is to become ministers to everyone in relationship to this Christ Consciousness, this loving feeling, no matter where we find anyone at any time. MSIA’s teachings go into how we get in our own way, how to get out of our own way, and how to assist other people without inflicting on them or trying to ram a point of view at them.

This planet is a classroom, and each of us is here to gain experience and to become aware of the Divinity within ourselves–to awaken to and fulfill our spiritual promise. Your exploration of this can be a life-long adventure; continues to be – for me. This book offers some outer ideas and support for your inner exploration of this.

Work the new ideas that come your way. See what they do. You won’t be deceived by anyone if you check things out.

Our primary approach is that each person needs to validate by their own experience the reality of the teachings. So, we do not deal in a strong belief structure; rather, we encourage you to believe in your own experiences and what those experiences bring to you in terms of your inner awareness and inner enlightenment. And, of course, these are all very individual because not everyone approaches the teachings from the same background or context of life. The teachings are wide enough and voluminous enough so that most people can readily see within them how they can fulfill their life destiny more completely in terms of the spirit that they are.

So this is my advice as you read this book: if it works for you, use it. If it does not work for you, have the wit to let it go, bearing in mind that this may change over time. What is working today may not work tomorrow, and, conversely, what does not work today may work for you tomorrow. So we strive to remain open to each new experience.

I am not bringing forward new information. I am bringing forward the ancient message that has been said over and over, and all I am doing is repeating it in words that are for our time. Sometimes I may get tired of repeating it, but I keep doing it anyway out of my loving for you. At some point, you will get tired of hearing me and you will start doing it for yourself, and that will be the day you awaken yourself. And if you sit down very quietly and tune in, you will get it from the Spirit within you, which is more effective anyway.

I am not asking you to believe what I say. I prefer not to speak to people who are believers, those who, if you say anything, just believe it. I like to have people bring their critical faculties with them, so as you read this, I would like you to bring your mind, your intelligence, and everything that you have heard or that you have been exposed to. Most of all, I would like you to have the experience of these things yourself.

You may read things that are new to you. You may also read things that you already knew but you did not know that anyone else knew them, and you will find them validated here. Some things may seem strange and peculiar, even “loony.” In a way, they are loony, and this is because what we see physically is reflected light. You see something or someone else because they are reflecting light, but you see the Spirit because the Spirit Itself is shining. So the Spirit world is, in that sense, backwards from this world.

Years ago, some psychologists did an experiment where subjects wore glasses that reversed the vision from the right eye to the left eye and then upside down. So if a person tried to go right, according to what he saw, he would really have to go left. And if he saw something that he would normally have to reach down to get, he would have to reach up.

Needless to say, the subjects were having a very hard time. As I watched this experiment, I said to myself, This is what it’s like to be spiritual. This is why, when you go on a spiritual path, some people think you are crazy, no good, or even corrupt. But it is all cultural.

If you were doing that in India, for example, there would be temples or ashrams into which you would fit just fine.

So as you read this book, try not to let your cultural background or the vocabulary get in your way. I go towards reaching the heart. I want your heart to come open because I have found that when your heart opens, you will have wisdom as a by-product of liking and loving. Then you get intelligence. Then the wisdom comes out, and from that comes the knowledge of how to do it again. It is what I call being a spiritual scientist. If you are really being religious – and “religious” means to be realigned with God–then you are being a scientist, because the only way you can realign yourself is to stop the belief in what you think or what you have heard or read from others and, instead, find out for yourself.

You are the Light. You are divine. You are in a state of becoming aware of what you already are. In your spiritual quest, look for love in all things.

Above all, look for the loving, which is how all of this works. Without love, no matter what else we have, it will not work. And if we have love, no matter what else we do not have, it will work.

At that point, you’re really going to be happy that you loved through the hurts and the discouragements and the despair and the crises, because you’ll find out that it’s really worth it.

(Courtesy of John-Roger, Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise, Published by Mandeville Press, 2007

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