You are here right now for a reason.

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My time with Zoe truly changed my life.
I came to her when I was caught in the midst of a binge-eating cycle that was consuming all of my time and energy. I had tapped all of my current resources to try to solve this “problem”. She’s a true gift from God and I’m so grateful for the experience I had with her.
JACLYN WEBB | Santa Monica

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My Approach
Your answers already live inside of you. Yet our emotions, doubts, fears, and so many other distractions and disorders work to keep us from knowing and living what we want the most. I work with the Light* to shine awareness on what is waiting for you deeply within, and to help you become aware of how to move forward, and how to allow more love, easily and joyfully into your life.
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7 Day Audio Program

Learn how to ‘Allow Love’ into your life, in 10 minutes a day. ‘Love’ takes all shapes, and all sizes.
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Complimentary Session

Get a taste of the power of this work in a complimentary session with me. It is part of my service to the world. Obligation free.

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One-on-One Coaching

Looking for someone to support you in letting go of your blocks, and cocreating what you know is waiting for you?

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Weekly guides and tools for living your Soul Contracts and naturally allowing your Heartfelt Dreams into your life.

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Aligning with your Soul Contracts
In establishing my programs with clients I began to observe and then later define 5 Experiences — Areas of Empowerment that invite and support us in revealing and healing our Highest Lives.
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It’s hard to put into words all the healing that’s taken place since our last session. I have wanted to write you about this several times as the awareness was so present — however my gratitude is so immense it didn’t seem to fit into words.

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All Golightly Coaching Programs are based on The 5
that work to align your life with your Soul Led Dreams.


Learning how to be aware of and to connect with the Light* has transformed my life.
Learning to ask for inner guidance will transform your life.

Experience Step 1


The practices I use for expanding in my ability to receive the power of the Light – to live in THIS moment –
have opened the door into an experience of bliss and real joy.

Experience Step 2


The power of co-creation is beyond limitation however it’s not about getting everything you want.
Learning how to consciously choose my life is the most fulfilling journey.

Experience Step 3


The technology of forgiveness allows us to use our past for moving forward, for strength and for expansion.
When we receive all of our live’s experiences from our Soul’s perspective they expand us into our greatest potential*.

Experience Step 4


We learn so much when we share who we are, how we feel, what we love.
We were also given unique gifts to share with the world, to help us transform, and to inspire those around us.

Experience Step 5

If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,”
then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.


Working with Zoe was an experience that truly helped me lay the foundation for my business, and realize the growth I hoped for.
ROCIO DOYLE | Los Angeles

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