Feel Your Feelings and Live Longer

This week has been an emotional week for me. I rescued two orphaned baby squirrels: Harry and Harriett.

I fed them every couple of hours, and watched them come alive in my arms. After only two days they were nuzzling into me, their proud new Squirrel Mama.

Is it really better to have loved and lost … ?!

Giving Harry and Harriett to a professional squirrel rehabber was inevitable. As inevitable as the emotions that would come when I had to say goodbye.

I was however not expecting the magnitude of the heaviness and sadness that followed — it was completely out of proportion to the situation — and was completely irrational and illogical.

But I know that when I have deep feelings come, if I welcome them and allow them to pass through, I am healed and lighter for it.

And I also know … that God uses every experience as a vehicle for healing and growth … if we’re open to cooperating with what we’re given.

So I intuitively knew, that this experience wasn’t about Harry and Harriett.

It was about me. And motherhood.

Abandonment used to be this dirty, broken, hurtful word.

The night I parted with my squirrels, I cried, and just let the tears come through. I cried as I felt myself missing their sweet little bodies in my hands, and I just let those tears wash through me.

Without thinking. Without analyzing. Without mentalizing. I was left with this profound sweetness. Lightness. And a heightened awareness of the promise hidden deep in abandonment.

I’m no stranger to abandonment, for lack of a better word. Dad left at 3. Mum died at 14. And while these experiences have had their deep challenge, they have also brought my deepest and richest blessings.

Abandonment was one of my first meetings with God.

Abandonment was my first invitation to let go of the love that comes through the human form, and to begin to open to the love of the divine.

Abandonment was a way that God showed his trust in me — to grow through the pain — and to grow in my understanding of life.
To grow in my experience of how we are all love, we are all one, and we are never ever truly abandoned.

What irrational, illogical experiences are on your doorstep?

What emotions are begging to come to the surface for releasing, for healing? There’s no need to analyze them or judge them.

Just allow them, and the space, energy and love that remains, will be worth it.

People that don’t express emotion are on average 35% more likely to die prematurely, compared with people that express their feelings.*Experts at Harvard School of Public Health

Don’t Do Anything With Them. They’re Emotions.

Emotions get a bad wrap because of traditionally what humans do with them.

It’s understandable that we naturally want to analyze and understand them. But emotions are just energy in motion. In essence they are neutral, life energy, just moving through. Not good. Not bad. Just energy.

You cannot truly let go of your emotions until you feel them fully … It is very important to allow your emotions to come to the surface.

If we simply welcome them, observe them, and allow them to pass through — without holding back, holding on, or assigning meaning to them — they can bring great healing.

This may take some practice. But it’s worth it.

And while scientifically feeling our emotions means that we are likely to live longer, in my experience, it also means that we’re able to live more fully, more joyfully, more peacefully, and more completely.

Exercise: Observing Emotions

This week, make a conscious effort to simply observe any emotions that come up.

Without manipulating or fabricating them, just the next time you’re aware of an emotional response — like hurt // anger // frustration // sadness — welcome and observe them.

Experiment with the perspective of being a channel for energy — and use a focus of simply allowing the energy — or emotion — to pass through your channel.

Be aware of your body. How does it feel?

Scan your body for sensation, for awareness, and just let the energy move as it does, without trying to control it.

Don’t resist or try and hold the energy back.

Don’t hold onto or try and make sense or meaning out of the energy.

Just allow and observe the energy moving through your body.

You might have profound awareness and intuition that comes with this experiences, but they won’t be a process of the mind, or of figuring or analyzing. But rather an awareness that just naturally pops into your mind, without you having to do anything to acquire it.

Write these down. These can be valuable insights for your life.

Observing your emotions is a great first step towards embracing a consistent emotional healing part of your lifestyle.

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