Over 6 weeks we explore how to come into
your own unique balance
of allowing your Heartfelt dream to guide your every day experience.

Is Getting Married Your Next Soul Contract?

Is Your Anxiety & Stress A Soul Contract?

Is A New Business a Soul Contract?

Is An Addiction a Soul Contract?

Is Healing Family Relationships a Soul Contract for you?

Is Body Image & Weight your Soul Contract?

Your pains of the past, and your heartfelt dreams are
an intricate map to your success
— learn how to use them and allow your heartfelt dreams to come forward naturally and easily.

Awaken Your Intuition
Learn how to put the intuition of your spiritual heart in the driver’s seat.

Friend Your Fear
Learn how to heal the invisible wounds that keep us safe and stuck.

Put Your Love On The Line
Life is busy. We get it. Stop making excuses for avoiding the love of your life.

Proven Deep Healing Process
A proven technology for releasing blocks to your heartfelt dreams.

Allowing Your Soul Contracts™
A 6 Week Program for Aligning with Your Heartfelt Dream

Allowing Your Soul Contracts is an in-depth process that emerged through 11 years of study across my Doctorate of Spiritual Science and Masters of Spiritual Psychology, and through hundreds of client experiences.

I began to notice a profound pattern that was helping my clients realize what they wanted.

It became so clear that most people naturally only approached their life by:
 focusing on / moving towards their future
OR …
 focusing on / healing their past.

Allowing Your Soul Contracts uses 5 key techniques for living in the present moment that activates both:
 naturally moving towards the future as our Soul guides us,
 deeply healing the past by embracing and rewiring patterns and misbeliefs.

By allowing our future to pull us, and our past to push us, we naturally and easily achieve what we want most.

Next Group Experience Starts March 15
Classes are from 7pm – 10pm
Wednesdays March 15, 22, 29 & April 5, 12, 19
[All classes are recorded — so if you can’t join us live — you can catch up in your own time]

Bonus Rate Extended Through Tuesday March 14!
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Class One
March 15

Getting To Know The Process And Each Other

In our first class together we learn the 5 Experience Process.
We explore the 5 experiences within the context of the Past, Present and Future — learning how to release our past, be guided by the present, and pulled by our future.
We also learn experientially, how to share with the group, how to be vulnerable and how to be heard.

Class Two
March 22

Experience 1 | The Power of Asking

Asking for what we want, is an underutilized experience.
It helps to bring our unresolved issues — the unconscious blocks — to the surface.
The asking we are dealing with is not an outer asking, but an inner asking. A way that we learn to co-create our world from the inside out.

 Learn More About The Power of Asking

Class Three
March 29

Experience 2 | The Power of Receiving

How we receive, hold and appreciate what we have now is profoundly important for what we are to call forward.
How do we live in the abundance of right now?
How do we start to live the inner experience of what we want outwardly?

 Learn More About The Power of Receiving

Class Four
April 5

Experience 3 | The Power of Claiming

Claiming is an act of faith. It’s showing up for what our intuition guides us towards, even before it has been given or recognized.
We explore affirmations, visualization and other tools as powerful ways to show up for what our Soul is directing us towards.

 Learn More About The Power of Claiming

Class Five
April 12

Experience 4 | The Power of ForGiving

This is the most powerful, and most challenging of all the 5 experiences.
Learning how to receive and embrace all of life’s experiences as ‘for’ us, rather than against us — transforms all blocks into energy used for forward motion.
The technology of forgiveness is the heart of healing, and of clearing the past.

 Learn More About The Technology of Forgiveness

Class Six
April 19

Experience 5 | The Power of Sharing

When we come into the awareness, acceptance and cooperation of our Soul Contracts as ways for us to serve and be of loving to others — we move forward with grace and ease.
Letting go of our ego drive, and replacing it with the energy of service is a powerful practice for the pursuit of any heartfelt dream.

 Learn More About The Power of Sharing

An Investment That Lasts A Lifetime

Learn how to live your life in a way guided by your Soul Contracts™, so that you can live with greater joy and fulfillment as you reach the dreams you know are waiting.

Stop always putting others first.
When we put ourselves first, and allow our Soul into the driver’s seat, we are able to love and take care of those in our lives in far greater ways.

Receive one-on-one support from Zoë, in an intimate group environment that will support you towards your heartfelt dreams.

Put yourself and your dreams first … today!

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Per Month for 3 Months 
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A Personal Guarantee

If you complete all classes, and genuinely show up and participate 100%: and you don’t receive a life transforming experience, we will gladly refund 100% of your program fees.

My time with Zoe truly changed my life. I came to her when I was caught in the midst of a binge-eating cycle that was consuming all of my time and energy. I had tapped all of my current resources to try to solve this “problem”. I had no where else to turn and knew that I needed support during this time. I had no idea the healing that Spirit had in store for me! Keep Reading
JACLYN WEBB | Santa Monica

My life has changed so much and I’m so grateful. Keep Reading
ANN VON HELAND | Stockholm

Zoe has helped me more than 10 years of shrinks and psychologists. Within 3 weeks I stopped experiencing the panic attacks that I had been plagued with my whole life. She’s really got something that is so far beyond what I’ve experienced with traditional methodologies. Keep Reading

Working with Zoe was an amazing profound experience, where I got to have great realizations and experience deep healing and clearing.
She had a great ability to perceive what was really going with all the stuff I was sharing with her. Keep Reading
SIMON TORRES | Los Angeles

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