How do you feel about Fairy Tale Marriage?

Fairy tale marriage is a real trigger for some people

And so I want to talk a little about the illusion, and the reality, of fairy tale marriage.

I come across advice online, from time to time, encouraging women to let go of the myth, the expectation, the illusion of fairytale marriage.
And I get it right. And I agree.
Here on this physical plane of existence — that’s not what is possible.
There is no relationship that is perfect, without flaws, without challenges, without things that make us crazy from time to time.

And at the same time — I do want to encourage women, and men, towards the idea that the reality of fairytale marriage exists — but it’s an experience that lives inside of you — it’s the feeling, the sense of home, the profound love, connection, and intimacy, it’s a reality within you.

If you’ve ever cried at a wedding, because you’re heart is exploding.
Or cried when Baby comes out of the corner, and then runs, jumps into Patrick Swayze’s arms.
Or when Richard Gere comes back for the pretty woman, to make him her pretty wife.
You’ve had this experience that I’m talking about.

Crazy stupid love

That emotion, that experience, is the part of you that recognizes that love, even crazy, impractical and impossible love
… exists.
But … what the movies don’t show you, and what can be misleading about believing in disney movie endings … is that that love that you feel, that impossible love, actually already lives within you. And it grows as you fall more in love with yourself, not with another person.

A relationship with another person isn’t actually going to give you, or bring you, anything.
It can however, reflect or mirror to you the love that you have inside, which is the true fairy tale experience.
But that other person, that relationship, is NOT the source of your love.
You are.

What do you really want?

My spiritual teacher John-Roger had a saying ‘Why ask for a loaf of bread when you can ask for the whole grocery store.’

And that’s how I feel when I hear some women holding themselves back from really opening to a truly impossible kind of love.
Love is impossible. Love is the only thing on this physical plane that will and can do the impossible.
But we need to go where it lives to experience it. And love is not in another. Not in a relationship. It’s inside of you.

This is why the Allowing Love program is a very inner process — of you expanding and opening to levels, experiences, realities inside of yourself.
It’s not about online dating.
It’s not about talking to men.
It’s not about what to say, and what not to say.
It’s about deeply opening to the love that you are, so completely, that the world around you begins to reflect that back to you.

If you’re ready to find the one.

If you are. I encourage you to give yourself this gift of just 7 days.
Try the allowing love program.
It’s going to cost you 70 minutes, and 0 dollars.
Sign up here.
I’m pretty sure you’ll find a fairytale love already alive and well inside of you.

I know I’m pretty passionate about this.
But the experience of my marriage is something so far beyond what I had hoped.
It’s so supportive, and so expansive, and inspires me every day to be more, and to love more.

So if that still, sweet voice inside, is urging you

Urging you to consider giving yourself these 7 days and Sign Up for the Allowing Love Audio Program  … I support you and am here for you.
If you have questions, or challenges, please reach out to me.

I am not taking on any new one-on-one clients at this time, however, I am taking a waitlist for complimentary sessions in September.
Simply email your interest here.

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