How I Tripled My Income, By Working Half the Time

I had the most amazing awareness this week.

This time last year,
I was making 2/3 less than I am now,
And I was working more than double.

And what came so clearly with this awareness,
was how I have often put too much focus on ‘what’ I’m doing,
rather than ‘how’ I’m doing it.

As I have become more disciplined over the last couple of years,
by creating my life through the time I spend with my Soul each morning: my process of Allowing Love,
it is mind blowing at the changes I have made,
but also the greater awareness about how ‘Allowing Love‘ works.

Just imagine …

and by that I mean really relax, come present, right now, and really allow yourself to really experience the possibility I’m about to present to you …

How do you think you might feel, think, and behave every day,
if you spent one hour every morning,
deeply connecting to your dreams,
to how your dreams feel and to the love and joy you want your life to be filled with.

How do you think you might move forward on your dreams,
if you received ideas and actions in those moments of
connection and relaxation with your Soul?

It’s not rocket science.

And we ALL have reference points of the days that we create when we start from this connected, relaxed, inspired, place.
And it didn’t happen overnight for me.

It took me 10 years of trying various ways,
before I found my Allowing Love groove.

So just now, or sometime this morning …

Call in the Light for yourself … see a beautiful white Light, filled with unconditional loving, compassion and kindness, fill your entire body.

And now ask yourSelf, your Soul, your Highest Self …

What one thing could you commit to doing,
every morning this coming week,
that would help you create your days more connected
and inspired by what matters most to you?

It could be meditation,
It could be dancing to a song you really love,
It could be a dialogue with your Soul,
It could be your 10 minutes of Allowing Love.
It could be something that you’ve never thought of before,
that just pops into your consciousness … just … now!

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