I didn’t have sex for over 6 years.

I didn’t have sex for over 6 years.

Long time right?

And I am so grateful that it was more important to me, to be with someone that was the real deal, that had the willingness and ability to be ‘All in’ … rather than to settle.

I see it all around me.
And I see them all around me …

Single, successful, spiritual women

Single, successful, spiritual women … that have evolved past the point of settling.

And I know it’s easy for me to say now — now that I am married — and am super in love with being in love.

But I too was once a single, successful, spiritual woman. And I loved that life.

I mean I wasn’t always happy being single. We all have our moments.

But I do remember how resolute I was to choosing to be with someone — ONLY if being with them would grow me, expand me, and support me — spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically — more than being on my own.

I was kind of verbal and even a little obnoxious about it.

But I was committed to single forever.
I mean my relationship with mySelf was awesome.
I loved my own company.
And I LOVED MY LIFE.And that ONLY for a relationship that would actually support my own relationship with

ONLY for a relationship that would actually support my own relationship with mySelf — more than if I was on my own — was I going to consider a relationship.

I used something my spiritual teacher John-Roger said as a compass for relationships too.
He said — if you’re going to be with someone, find the brightest most beautiful consciousness you can find.
Someone spiritually aware.
Someone committed to themSelves.

And so that intention definitely worked well for me.
I met my husband on a spiritual meditation retreat, over 10 years ago, and he is as committed to our spiritual life first and foremost, as I am.
But more than that, what I would tell you if I wasn’t holding back … is that he is the brightest, and most beautiful consciousness I have known right now.

However, while I had a crush on him at first sight, it took him almost 10 years to catch up. (That story coming soon …)

But in God’s perfect ways, that served me in allowing me to get the support I needed to heal my fear of intimacy and rejection, that stemmed from a very young age, and perhaps from other lives.

And boy I had to work my process.

I had to let go of deep misbeliefs of ugliness, of abandonment, and of deep rejection.

And looking back on these blessings now … these blessings of ugliness, abandonment, and rejection … have been pivotal moments in my life that have supported me in finding my REAL beauty, my REAL belongingness, and my REAL home … that lives within.
Not in a relationship.
And not in my physical form.

This life gives us such opportunities for growth, for expansion and for love. But often we avoid the best opportunities because they feel a little challenging.

I created the Allowing Love program because I wanted to support myself, and my clients, to get into the habit of really using our challenges for our upliftment.
To really release the misbeliefs holding us back.
To really stepping into the beauty, the love, and the Light that we are.

It’s my gift to you.

I’m launching it on my Mum’s birthday and I well up a little in this moment thinking of what this means to me.

My Mum died when I was 14, and for years it was the challenge that held me back.
Now it is the blessing that is the backbone of my entire life, and I can’t wait to share more about it, as time passes.

My #7dayaudioguide for #AllowingLove launches on August 17th.
I celebrate you Mum.
I celebrate love.
And I celebrate the love that holds us all together.

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