Tired or uninspired? Learn how to feel amazing. Every. Day.

I used to wake up feeling tired and so uninspired

… that I needed to make coffee before I went to bed and I would leave it on my bedside table, so first thing, I would lean over and drink cold coffee to get me out of bed, and into my day.

Despite the fact that old, cold coffee doesn’t taste great … living this way also doesn’t feel great.

I would rush into the office without time for myself

and most of my day was spent in reaction, in taking care of others, or in trying to make other people happy. My motivation was outside in.

All my energy went to those things that were already in motion, and that ‘inertia’ became a default or autopilot that left me feeling incomplete and empty. And while this ‘inertia’ actually made me a pretty effective employee, it did not help me move forward on what was really important, to me.

The first thing we do every day is a magical moment.

It has the ability to connect us to the Light and to clarify and brighten everything we do that day.

Literally, we can turn the Light on each morning

… and with the Light turned on, we see, feel and act much more clearly.

Or we can live on autopilot, without consciously awakening that Light within, and we walk around “in the dark”, all day.

I don’t mean that living “in the dark” is bad or negative. Of course, the Light is always guiding us and taking care of us regardless of what we do consciously.
And … when we use our time to consciously receive the intuition, the information, the inspiration from the Light within, we are simply more able to follow and cooperate with the Light and our highest good, rather than on autopilot, get in the Light’s way.

The first thing we do every day is a miraculous opportunity.

When we begin our day filled and fueled with beauty, gratitude, and love.
We attract beauty, gratitude, and love.
We experience more beauty, gratitude, and love.
Hopefully, that’s not a secret to you by now.

The first thing we do every day can either be an act of great love for ourselves, or it can be an attack on our sense of self — we can spend time on social media comparing and focusing on what’s going on around us, rather than receiving and reconnecting to our truth within.

“Replacing social media with (the Allowing Love Program) in the morning has been a complete 180.

I’ve even received a few compliments and comments from a few people not in the know of my (Allowing Love) journey, and it feels incredible to allow the work to “speak for itself” …

I cannot thank you enough, Zoe Lumiere, for sharing this program and these tools.”

 – Bari June Gregory | Read Full Testimonial

The first thing we do every day sets a vibration, like a compass, it sets our daily destination.

Will your final destination for today be tired and uninspired — a hallmark that you have been living your life for other people today?

Or will at the end of today, will you end up in gratitude, completion, peace, and love?

I offer to you a very simple Light Visualization for Starting Your Day

Check out the very first step of the Allowing Love Program below. It is a simple Light Visualization using both deep breathing and a visualization of Light in the body.

Experience a Light Visualization — A Step-by-Step Guide

It’s an excellent way to start the day — because of its ability to attune and awaken the Soul into all dimensions of our beingness.

The free #7DayAudioGuide for #AllowingLove uses this technique as the first step each morning — so if you’d like to be guided via audio meditation through this process — you can receive this  free guide here.

It’s My Gift To You — Download the 7Day Audio Guide for Allowing Love Now!

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