Overcome Your Fear and Embrace Your Intuition

We have an intuitive voice in us.
We are born intuitive.
We are so intuitive,
that when we ignore it,
it becomes our greatest suffering.

I know what following my intuition feels like …

And the bliss in my life because of it.

And I know what ignoring my intuition feels like, and the suffering that follows.

For many years, I drank a lot to escape the suffering of not following my heart; my intuition.

I used to get up every morning, in some variation of fear and dread.

This was back when I was an executive head-hunter for banking in finance, in Brisbane Australia, and Toronto.

Drinking was my escape. My coping mechanism. It made all the fear, doubt and stress disappear … until the next morning … when it made me feel worse. It’s crazy that often what we do to escape suffering … actually adds to the suffering.

At that time, mostly I was fearful of failing. Executive head-hunting is a competitive and bottom line focused world, and I was always worried that I wouldn’t hit my monthly targets, and that my career would go from awesome to awful, any second now.

And … I wish I could share that I have no fear, no doubt, no insecurities in my life now. And I can’t.

With big, bold and beautiful Soul Led Dreams, comes fear.

If you’re not afraid of something, not aware of a level of doubt or fear in your life, you’re playing too small, and you need a MUCH bigger dream.

And I don’t mean a fancy, impress all your friends, and do something in the world kind of bigger dream.

I mean the kind of dream that will require that you evolve, grow and expand in ways you can’t even imagine. The kind of dream that will require you step out of your comfort zone, and into that next experience of who you truly are.

The fear is not something we need to escape from, it is here to help and support us.

The fear is a PART of our intuition. It is a gateway INTO our intuition. Fear’s true purpose is to invite us, support us, and expand us into our intuition, into our heart, into our Soul Led Dreams.

This morning I woke up with some doubt, some fear, inside.

I was just feeling down on myself, questioning whether spending all this time and energy on the Allowing Love program is worth it?

While the launch of the audio program was a profound success on both subjective and objective measures, what this experience has evolved into, is very clear and beautifully bright visions for expansion and growth in the program. Including in person events, and group coaching programs, and maybe even a retreat.

And I’m so grateful, that I know that that’s how growth and expansion happens.

As we move from our current level of success and of comfort, we are shown and given the next peak to climb for, and again, we are blessed with the fear and doubt that comes with this new, higher, expansive climb.

And more than just knowing what to expect, I’m grateful that I know how to transform that fear into the fuel for more.

So this morning, despite the doubt inside, I began my Allowing Love program, as I do each morning.

And within 10 minutes, I was again so clear …

So clear that, my vision, my plans, my projects are ON PURPOSE, ON POINT, and ALIGNED with my SOUL.

The key aspect of the Allowing Love Program that truly helps us transform our fear into our fuel is Step 4. Owning and Forgiving.

I have received so much feedback for how this has truly helped so many of the Allowing Love community begin to start moving on what they want, because their fear and doubts have begun to melt away.

Taking complete responsibility for your life, and using compassionate self-forgiveness is a deep and intricate process. The free Allowing Love Audio Guide only touches the power of healing that’s available.
Use this as a springboard into greater healing.
And use the daily focus as a way to genuinely allow your Soul Led Dreams into your life.

A Step-By-Step Guide for Transforming Fear

I have also shared a detailed step-by-step technique for Transforming Fear into Fuel: Transforming Unconscious Blocks into Building Blocks in my Online Coaching Platform. Please feel free to take advantage of that guide.

In October I do have 2 spots available for new clients, and am scheduling complimentary sessions now for those interested.

And … if you know that you need a little help really taking advantage of the fear and the doubt in your life — Sign Up for the Allowing Love Program today!
It’s free … what have you got to lose?! Except a whole lot of fear and doubt ;)

And for those already in the Allowing Love Community, consider signing up for the $5/month Daily Email.

I love you all.
Cheers to our dreams, our fears, and all in between.

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