How to Forgive? A Step by Step Guide

Forgiveness. It’s such a nice intention. But how does one really do it? And more than sounding like a good idea, there is now scientific evidence and human controlled experimental trials proving the healing benefits of forgiveness. A study conducted by Florida State University, University at Georgia and University at Stony Brook on Forgiveness and Conflict Resolution in Marriage found: That a husband’s ability to forgive predicts better conflict resolution and marital satisfaction. A study … Read More

Healing the Disease to Please

Want Deep Profound Intuition? Want to Really Know What You’re Doing This Life? I just completed my second Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology – an advanced year focused on ‘Consciousness, Health & Healing’ – and the practice I’m about to share with you was born in one of the courses called ‘The Healing Consciousness’. For 9 months we built a program to answer the following question: If you could deeply and completely … Read More

What To Do When Your Doctor Tells You, You Need a Boyfriend …

I was celibate for 5 years. Working for my spiritual teacher John-Roger. Completely devoted to my purpose of spiritual evolution and married to my meditation practice. I did not enjoy people asking me: Are you dating? Where’s your boyfriend? When are you getting Married? I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but they were pushing on a deep heartfelt yearning, that I was too afraid to address. It was … Read More

I Hear Voices … And I’m Ok With That … Just Tell Me Which Ones To Follow

Eric and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary last week. And there is some part of me that doesn’t want to share about it. It’s a familiar feeling or voice that fears others will judge me, and not love me. It feels worried that others will misunderstand me and judge me as inauthentic, as needy, as boastful. And yet I am sharing about my marriage ANYWAY. Because I know the … Read More

What to Do When Your Parent is Happy You Have an Eating Disorder

I was 15 years old when my step dad caught me purging in the laundry under our house. He said he was happy that I was finally addressing all the weight I had put on. I struggled with bulimia for 18 years after that. Fat and ugly was funny in my house. In my house growing up, we made fun of fat and ugly people. We would all laugh as my … Read More

The Good Old Weekly Review

if you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading. lao tzu

I am a HUGE fan of David Allen’s work – Getting Things Done. If you’re not familiar with it – it’s a time management and personal productivity system for … yep, that’s right … Getting Things Done. David’s system works on the premise that the brain is not designed to hold stuff. It’s meant for ideas, inspiration, intuition. It works better when it’s allowed to live in the present moment, … Read More

Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames

The last practice I want to leave you with before we conclude this Pro Bono Program, is the value of sharing. I love Brene Brown’s work recently at shining the Light on the power of vulnerability: Vulnerability is about showing up and being seen. It’s tough to do that when we’re terrified about what people might see or think. When we’re fueled by the fear of what other people think … Read More

I am Enough Evening Meditation

Today’s practice is a beautiful complement to all the dedicated work we do on embracing our past and powerfully calling forward our dreams. When we are moving towards something, we are often aware of parts of us that will stick their head up and strongly declare they don’t want to go along for the ride: doubts, fears, apathy and competing intentions can easily drain your energy and divert your attention from where … Read More

Light Your Way Every Day

So if you’re anything like me, spending time creating dreams, and next steps, and intentions for my life can trigger me into a competitive mode. Growing up, my family’s ethos was to win. It wasn’t about enjoying the game. It wasn’t about doing the best we could. And despite diligently walking my spiritual path for over 20 years now, I can still be triggered into thoughts or feelings of comparison … Read More

LightPosts to Guide Your Way

Once you have your 1 Big Dream and your 3 LightPosts created, this is your next step to really moving forward. Keep in mind that your 1 Big Dream might shift and evolve, and that there are many LightPosts that will serve you on your way. What’s been important for me to remember along the way is that I am following my Highest Purpose and my inner drivers – that is where … Read More

Building the Foundations for Your Dream

define your milestones / signposts / lightposts to guide you to your dreams.

Doing the inner work is important. Raising your vibration into the frequency of what you want to attract, creating clear intentions and ideal scenes for what you want, and using your intuition to align to the Highest Purpose available to you – is all an important part of bringing forward Spirit-led dreams into this physical world. However doing the outer work is also important. If you don’t also take action … Read More

Get Your Play On

I’ll be the first to admit it’s hard for me to prioritize time for play. But the research is in, and I also have my own very clear feedback of how beneficial play is in my life … and how detrimental it can be on my health and well-being when I don’t give myself time to play, be silly, and have no purpose for a moment. Our society has the … Read More

How to Fuel your Dreams with your Life Force

in 5 minutes every day begin to live your dreams, your highest purpose, the life you want

It took me a long time to give myself permission to focus on my physical world dreams again after choosing a spiritual path. Through my University years and the early part of my corporate career I was very focused on physical world success. Chasing large dreams and phyiscal world goals was what made sense to me back then. But after choosing a spiritual path I didn’t find the same value in living … Read More

If You Knew Your Dream was Guaranteed You Would Find the Time To Do This

If only our dreams came sweeping into our consciousness at the same time it’s guarantee fall into our laps. In my experience it doesn’t work that way on purpose. Dreams are given so we learn how to dive into the great unknown. To learn what it is to follow our hearts regardless of the outcome. For it is living life in the unknown – in the invisible – in the … Read More

If the Universe was on Your Side – What Would You Do?

Today’s practice is simple but deep. Do you have the courage to turn your possibilities – your 1 Big Possibility into a dream? I am yet to see someone fail at realizing their dream when they take consistent realistic action towards it. But first you have to find yourself worthy of asking for it. Can you turn your 1 Big Possibility into your 1 Big Dream? Keep in mind your Inner … Read More

How I Snagged my Husband

receive the possibilities and dreams in your life with golightly coaching

Bring forward your inner drivers just now. Be with them. Receive them. Allow them to flood all levels of your consciousness. Take the time to contemplate what your life would be if you lived more fully connected to your inner drivers. As you will have observed in finding your inner drivers – there is an inner experience driving all things that you want in this life. This practice will help you … Read More

Time for an Operating System Upgrade?

We upgrade our computers. Our cars. Our phones. Our houses. When was the last time you upgraded your habits? Your attitude? Your priorities? Using your Highest Self, use this practice for identifying any areas you could breathe some more Light and life into. You will need to have completed this practice – receiving your Highest Life. Listen to this guided meditation via YouTube to walk you through the upgrade. Take the … Read More

How come good habits are so hard to create?

How easy is it for you to give yourself time in the morning to truly connect with your Highest Power within? Perhaps it’s 5 minutes of meditation. Perhaps it’s a few sincere moments connecting with your inner drivers. Perhaps it’s a simple prayer for your day. Whatever connects you and fuels you … isn’t it crazy how challenging it is to stick with a daily practice? During my Doctor of Spiritual Science I was … Read More

You Are the Answers You’re Looking For

meet your highest self

This tool has been one of the most powerful in my life. Most notably it was an integral part of the curriculum for my Masters in Spiritual Psychology. Like all skills that need to be learnt and practiced, at first it may feel funny, awkward or inauthentic. The first time I picked up a violin it felt foreign, uncomfortable and utterly ridiculous. However over time this one practice has developed … Read More

Your Inner Drivers Create Your Experience

Quantum Physics has begun proving what the sages have been telling us for centuries. That we are energy – we are love – and that we are creating our own experience each moment. I first got inspired into this idea of truly vibrating the experience that I want to have more of watching What the Bleep Do We Know. While I do understand that it is for sure an overly … Read More